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Copywriting Services

Powerful Words, Powerful Results
Unlock your company's potential through effective & engaging copywriting, ghostwriting and editing services.
Powerful Words, Powerful Results
Unlock your company's potential through effective & engaging copywriting, ghostwriting and editing services
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Copywriting Services

Need a copywriter?

I work in high ticket sales, averaging over $5,000 made per prospect converted to client.

Copywriting Services

Need a storybook writer?

Check out these books that I’ve helped with:

Copywriting Services

Need a content creator?

Go ahead and check out my blog section to see how well I research and proofread:

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Copywriting Services

How do I excel in these fields?
The secret is tapping into your target market’s emotions.  People want to FEEL something and be moved. 

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 If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, (great show, go check it out now if you haven’t already!) you’ll remember Jack Gleeson’s performance as the vile King Jeoffrey was so effective that people actively wished the character harm.

Imagine getting to harness that level of raw emotion for your own needs.

To sell products for your business, you need to make people excited for the benefits your product/service provides.

To engage people with content, people want to feel inspired and empowered to use your content to make meaningful changes in their lives.

To create a bestselling book, you need to evoke a sense of child-like wonder and excitement.

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Sounds pretty great right?
If you want your target market to have that level of emotional connection to your business or project, hit the button below to learn more!

copywriting for marketing

Nadia Ronquillo
Business Owner - Children's Book Illustrator

“Adam is a joy to work with, extremely reliable and always meeting deadlines with very minimal direction.

I hired Adam as I was having difficulties with my sales copy and he delivered so much more than what I was expecting. He brought his knowledge of storytelling, sales pitching and an amazing handle on persuasive copy to my emails. He has made my clients much more eager to open my emails.

He definitely brought new life to my email marketing campaigns, even suggesting new sequences. Since I hired Adam, I have been closing more clients monthly than ever before.

If you are looking to hire an email copywriter or content writer, I would have no doubts on recommending Adam.”

Ross Zeiger
Business Owner – Video Editing

“Adam provided copywriting for my business’s website. I tried to DIY it but wasn’t getting results when I started working with him.

Adam reviewed my site, made some suggestions to improve the copy, helped me make my offer clearer and totally transformed my website into a conversion machine. I highly recommend Adam for your copywriting needs.”

Gabriel Cano
Business Owner – B2B Matchmaking Service

“So recently Adam helped me create copy emails for a B2B Marketplace at launch.  I needed to showcase the benefit of my business with an email that connected with my buyer persona.

Adam helped me to achieve that through a very efficient process.

By answering his template brief, I was impressed by how accurate his email was and when I tested it with my clients, it showed the interaction I was expecting.  I would totally recommend Adam if you need to connect with your buyer persona, organize your thoughts and connect with people through efficient copies.”